Monica's Vow To Y...

Before You Vote - The Candidate Speaks:

Starting this quest to be your next Ypsilanti Township Treasurer in 2020, I have learned many life lessons that will remain instilled in my heart forever.

The upmost importance of maintaining sound financial stewardship for Ypsilanti Township can continuing being a place families and individuals can work, live, play and grow.

The importance of active listening to learn what you desire for your Township to be and become.

The importance of supporting our small and medium sized business community to keep jobs and entrepreneurship ideas reaching their maximum potential in an area we all call home.

How the power of one can inspire many to enact necessary change for enhancing the diverse mix of cultures, richly existing throughout our wonderful community.

How residents joining as a force of conviction can ensure their neighborhoods remain a safe place to grow, thrive and raise a family.

The natural resources of land, water, lakes and streams located in heavenly abundance throughout our Ypsilanti Township.

Attending thirty-two neighborhood watch meetings, numerous forums, debates, gatherings, houses of worship and other events; I have been truly blessed since this campaign begun to meet, talk with and listen to YOUR ideas on what ways YOU want Ypsilanti Township thrive in the years ahead.

I vow to do just that.

Be the beacon for YOUR voice if entrusted into the position of Ypsilanti Township Treasurer.

To represent YOU, no matter if you live in the South, West, East or North ends of the Township and anywhere in between.

Because my mission in this campaign quest was never about me.

It was always and will forever remain about YOU.

Specifically, what I can do to lead the path YOU desire to make Ypsilanti Township the BEST PLACE to LIVE, WORK and LEARN for YOU and YOURS.

If YOU desire these inherent qualities in your next Treasurer on the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees, I would ask YOU for YOUR VOTE on Tuesday, August 4. 2020.

My promise to YOU is to always have a Open Door, Ear and Heart to what is truly needed to make Ypsilanti Township the Best Place It Can Be.

These are not just words, this is my solemn vow to each and every Resident of our Township, until my time is done on this Earth, if elected to be YOUR NEXT YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE.

“Striving to Move Ypsilanti Township Forward - Growing Our Community” is not just a slogan or words used to create a sentence.

It is quantified by work rendered in the past, present and into future to come - as demonstrated by prior action, and not just words.

Please learn more from others on a National, State and Local scale kindly providing living testimonials of work rendered by Monica at

And make sure to vote on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 from 7am - 8pm EST ensure sure YOUR VOICE is heard for YOUR ideas on how the future of Ypsilanti Township, should be.

Thank You.

Monica Ross Williams for YTown Trustee in 2016